About us

DigitalGrow is a knowledge sharing platform on rural activities developed by Fondation Ondjyla. A tool for the promotion of know-how and a way to contribute to the development of the rural world.

DigitalGrow offers a library and an e-learning centre


The library is free and unconditionally accessible to all. It offers a relevant number of technical documentation on rural activities, such as books, videos or school exercises. More than a collection of documents, DigitalGrow is a centre for sharing information in which anyone or any institution can make available to the community technical information on rural activities. The library is not restricted to agricultural matters but includes documentation on all subjects that make up the rural environment.

All those that take part of the rural world are encouraged to share in this platform the technical documentation they have or prepared, as a way of fostering the development of rural activities globally.

The role of Fondation Ondjyla and of DigitalGrow’s team is to obtain, organize and make the information as accessible as possible to all. In order to ensure the quality and suitability of the information, all materials available are subject to a prior review by experts.


E-learning brings education to more locations and to more people.

DigitalGrow offers an e-learning centre with tailored training programs in different educational levels. The training provided at DigitalGrow is based on the alternating cycle pedagogy which combines general education with vocational training.

The courses available in the platform are developed by Fondation Ondjyla and DigitalGrow’s team in partnership with the International Association of Family Movements for Rural Education (AIMFR) and with local education institutions, such as universities, ensuring the quality of the programs and certification.