Meeting with UNEFA’s Board (Union of Rural Family Schools) - Spain

Presentation of the Platform Digital Grow, Library and Training. There was an understanding to obtain more material for the Library and identified the opportunity to spread the platform throughout other countries, as a mean of training trainers. UNEFA will participate in the research project. We were asked to present the platform and the research project during their next “Summer School”, in Badajoz, to Spain’s schools’ board members and directors.


Meeting with Fondation Ondjyla / AIMFR, MEPES and the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES).

Presentation of the project from the Universities Research Group, on Alternance Educational Systems and Rural Development. This group is leaded by the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and has the participation of professors from seven other universities. The working schedule was presented and accepted by MEPES and UFES. The research project was also presented and considered vital and timely by all.


Working session with MEPES (Brazil)

Fondation Ondjyla’s team - Francisco da Cruz Fernandes, Pedro Puig and Ricardo Ixen – had the opportunity to present the platform – Library and Training – to MEPES’s Board. The Library was very well received, regarding the existing documents and the Brazilian FRA’s showed their interest in contributing with new documents to be published (books, magazines, articles, videos). There was also a growing interest in the Virtual Training in Alternance. For MEPES, this training module was seen as a solution for the current problem of training trainers, allowing more trainers to be reached at a lesser cost.


In an African language, Ondjyla is an expression that means “path”. Fondation Ondjyla is thoroughly engaged in helping young people building the path of their lives, making them the authors of their destiny.

The foundation is engaged with the promotion of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship and exchange, with a particular focus on African young people, contributing to the empowerment, sustainability and development of people and communities, especially children and those who are young.

Fondation Ondjyla believes that the access to an education focused on vocational training may have a strong impact on the living conditions of young people that are now preparing themselves for the labour market and their families. The foundation wishes also to provide to the different populations the tools and the option to develop an economic activity which will ensure them decent living conditions near the communities where they grew up and in which they are integrated.