Angola | SEIVA Talks 2021

Fondation Ondjyla is committed to the promotion of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship and innovation contributing to the sustainability and development of rural communities.In partnership with SEIVA, it is holding a cycle of conferences - SEIVA TALKS - from April to September 2021, which aim to provide a forum for reflection, with the various actors involved in the Agro Value Chain, on how the development of agribusiness can boost the development of a country like Angola.


Angola | SEIVA Talks - Technology as a driver for sustainable development

Fondation Ondjyla has participated in the SEIVA TALKS of August 2021, under the theme “Digitization as a knowledge catalyzing process”, which focuses on the importance of education as an engine for sustainable development of a society, of how COVID19 has become an accelerator of the  transformation of digital education and on Ondjyla's contribution to digital technology in rural communities around the world.The video of the intervention is available. 


Angola | Agrosummit 27.10.2021 - Agribusiness as an engine for sustainable development in Angola

Fondation Ondjyla in partnership with SEIVA, will hold an Agrosummit on the theme "Agribusiness as the engine of sustainable development in Angola", providing a moment, based on national and international experiences, to promote a reflection on the conditions necessary for agricultural development to be the basis for the revamping of the Agribusiness development model in Angola. (in portuguese)


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In an African language, Ondjyla is an expression that means “path”. Fondation Ondjyla is thoroughly engaged in helping young people building the path of their lives, making them the authors of their destiny.

The foundation is engaged with the promotion of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship and exchange, with a particular focus on African young people, contributing to the empowerment, sustainability and development of people and communities, especially children and those who are young.

Fondation Ondjyla believes that the access to an education focused on vocational training may have a strong impact on the living conditions of young people that are now preparing themselves for the labour market and their families. The foundation wishes also to provide to the different populations the tools and the option to develop an economic activity which will ensure them decent living conditions near the communities where they grew up and in which they are integrated.