Tetuán, Morocco - IV International Colloquium on Development Cooperation in Northern Morocco.

During the first week of June, Jordi González-García and Andreu Gutiérrez-Sierra participated in the IV International Colloquium on Cooperation in Northern Morocco, where they presented the subject "The pedagogy of alternation: dignifying people and their territory", talking about pedagogy of alternation and the possibility of partial virtual training -with the support of Fondation Ondjyla’s Digital Grow platform. A personalized and integral training, that helps young people to know the possibilities their territories have to offer, so they can develop their own professional and personal projects. This is not about preventing them from leaving but making them want to stay.


Buenos Aires, Argentina (online) - Canada. XX AMSE – AMCE Congress

FONDATION ONDJYLA participated in the XX AMSE-AMCE-WAER Congress – Education, training, and challenges of our time: Migration, Digital Society and Sustainable Development.There were 7 presentations related to the Impact Study, supported by Fondation Ondjyla.Claudia Gagnon, ph. D (with Freddy Morales, ph. D and Jean-François Desbiens, ph. D) of the University of Sherbrooke, presented the theme "Conceptual and methodological aspects to analyze the contributions of CEFFAs in the sustainable development of communities".


Buenos Aires, Argentina (online) - Spain. XX AMSE – AMCE Congress

One of the presentations, by Pedro Puig-Calvó ph. D and Roberto García-Marirrodriga ph. D, addressed the subject: "Impact of Rural Alternation Schools on the Sustainable Development of the 2030 Agenda".  It expressed, in one hand, the harmony between the pillars of the CEFFA and the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda (based on: Peoples, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership). On the other hand, some preliminary results of the International Impact Study sponsored by Fondation Ondjyla, Sherbrooke University (Canada) and AIMFR, were presented.  These results seem to be positive with regard to: a) the settlement of well-trained human assets in the territory, which revitalizes, renews and reinvents itself; b) improvement of families and communities life quality, progressing their territories in economic, social and environmental aspects.


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In an African language, Ondjyla is an expression that means “path”. Fondation Ondjyla is thoroughly engaged in helping young people building the path of their lives, making them the authors of their destiny.

The foundation is engaged with the promotion of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship and exchange, with a particular focus on African young people, contributing to the empowerment, sustainability and development of people and communities, especially children and those who are young.

Fondation Ondjyla believes that the access to an education focused on vocational training may have a strong impact on the living conditions of young people that are now preparing themselves for the labour market and their families. The foundation wishes also to provide to the different populations the tools and the option to develop an economic activity which will ensure them decent living conditions near the communities where they grew up and in which they are integrated.