Salvador da Bahía-Brazil. Working Session with Janinha Gerke (PhD), on the Impact Study

The research on “Impact Studies on Youth Education by Alternation” is ongoing, with the pilot survey being tested. The Federal University of Espírito Santo UFES, with MEPES and other regional CEFFAs in Brazil, are joining all efforts to mobilize and disseminate the proposals of this work. We believe that the results will benefit both collective and individual realities of each CEFFA, as there will be an appropriation of the subjects based on their particularities, as well as of data from regional, national and international context.


Salvador da Bahía, Brazil. Public Hearing at the Legislative Assembly of the State of Bahia on Dialogue on Alternation Education

A Public Hearing at the Legislative Assembly was held, attended by the Secretary of State for Education, 5 state deputies, and around two hundred participants from the CEFFAs movement, guests and the press. There was wide television coverage. There was an unanimous recognition of the work of EFAs during the 40 years of existence of AECOFABA and 25 years of REFAISA (two networks of EFAs from Bahia).


Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. IV International Seminar and National Conference on Alternation Education in Brazil (50 Years)

A great commemorative event of Alternation Education was held, 50 years in Brazil, 40 years of AECOFABA network and 25 years of REFAISA network. It had about 500 participants from all Brazil and an international delegation. In these 3 days of workshops, the following Thematic Axes, related to Practice and Research on Alternation Education, were worked on:I-              Associative Management;II-            Alternation Education;III-           Integral Training;IV-           Environment Development (Local and Sustainable);V-            Financing and Public Policies of Education;VI-           Contextualized Education and Rural Education;VII-          Sustainability and Agroecology.


In an African language, Ondjyla is an expression that means “path”. Fondation Ondjyla is thoroughly engaged in helping young people building the path of their lives, making them the authors of their destiny.

The foundation is engaged with the promotion of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship and exchange, with a particular focus on African young people, contributing to the empowerment, sustainability and development of people and communities, especially children and those who are young.

Fondation Ondjyla believes that the access to an education focused on vocational training may have a strong impact on the living conditions of young people that are now preparing themselves for the labour market and their families. The foundation wishes also to provide to the different populations the tools and the option to develop an economic activity which will ensure them decent living conditions near the communities where they grew up and in which they are integrated.


Orientación vocacional y agradecimientos

Alternancia y desarrollo de competencias en jóvenes

Ana Ochoa, incidencia de formación virtual en alternancia