Honduras. (Virtual Working Session)

Following the reception of the training themes proposed by potential honduran graduates, a Training Plan was organized, with 4 generating axes:1) Alternation System (2 modules: introduction and pillars; alternating instruments); 2) Training Plan and Virtual Alternation (2 modules: characteristics and actors; transversalities of the areas); 3) Entrepreneurship and Project (1 module); 4) The role of trainers (1module).This training of 6 modules will last for 6 months. It is intended for trainers of INFOP trainers and teachers of CEFED.


Guatemala. Guatemala City. Meetings with: "Institute of Educational Research, IEE"; EFPEM-USAC; and UNESCO.

IEE – Meeting with Directors - Oscar Hugo López Rivas and Enrique Cortéz – under the theme Impact Study.  Guatemala has already finished the first phase of the Study, the quantitative part; they intend to advance to the qualitative part, as soon as possible which includes "life stories". We are waiting for conditions to advance investigations in relation to this country.EFPEM - "Escuela de Formación de Profesores de Enseñanza Media" (USAC)We had a meeting with the new Director of the EFPEM School – Lucrecia Crispin MSc.– who reiterated her interest in continuing the work developed with AIMFR/F.Ondjyla, namely the approval of the "Graduates". An agreement will be made with the designation of "Letters of Understanding", to continue research, training, use of the platform, congresses and publications.UNESCO - Meeting with Lucia Verdugo, Unesco Director.  There was an interesting exchange of information on Education in the country and possible framing in the United Nations programs.


Guatemala-Quetzaltenango- Capsules

One of the subjects worked on with FUNDAP officials and our team was "CAPSULES".  Capsules are short videos about concrete technical topics that can last between 15 and 20 minutes each.  Different formats were tried until reaching a standard format.  We will start the production of capsules in the health area.  The thematic units are identified from "generating axes" – the capsules. Initially, four generating axes were identified: "Human treatment, relationships between people"; "Attention to the elderly";  Community paediatric care"; and "Child nutrition".The first capsules will be produced in Spain, within the four generating axes.Soon, a "new window" will be created in the "Digital Grow" Library to place these capsules; they will also be placed on the FUNDAP platform.  This archive will also be of great use to countries in Africa and other continents.


Professional guidance and projects in the NUFED 427

Presentation of the dialogical literary gatherings

Personal experience and thanks


In an African language, Ondjyla is an expression that means “path”. Fondation Ondjyla is thoroughly engaged in helping young people building the path of their lives, making them the authors of their destiny.

The foundation is engaged with the promotion of knowledge, education, entrepreneurship and exchange, with a particular focus on African young people, contributing to the empowerment, sustainability and development of people and communities, especially children and those who are young.

Fondation Ondjyla believes that the access to an education focused on vocational training may have a strong impact on the living conditions of young people that are now preparing themselves for the labour market and their families. The foundation wishes also to provide to the different populations the tools and the option to develop an economic activity which will ensure them decent living conditions near the communities where they grew up and in which they are integrated.